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20/4/14 00:00 - urbanwordofday - Immaculate Defecation

Where one voids his or her bowels, only to find, by wiping one's anus, that no evidence of the event remains. Not as rare as immaculate conception, but still magical.

Cletus found, after taking a huge shit, that his first wipe was completely clean. "Hallelujah!" He exlaimed, "Immaculate defecation!"


19/4/14 00:00 - urbanwordofday - selfiebombing

The art of ruining people's selfies by appear behind them right when they tap on the capture button.

Conor: Jessica is in all of your selfies.
John: That selfiebombing bitch!


18/4/14 00:00 - urbanwordofday - lip bite

A cute thing that a girl can do.

Girl #1 - Sir, can I please have a raise?
Boss - No, get out.
Girl #2 - Sir, can I please have a raise? *bites lips*
Boss - *flustered* Y-yes.
Do not use the lip bite technique on other women.


17/4/14 00:00 - urbanwordofday - Craigslist Gay

A straight acting, possibly married man, who hooks up with men on the down low. He's straight in his every day life but gay on Craigslist.

Geoff had a happy family until his wife went through his emails and found out he was craigslist gay.


16/4/14 00:00 - urbanwordofday - shweeting

Tweeting whilst shitting.

Pedro: I was shweeting while on the can.
Hamhead: Gross!


15/4/14 00:00 - urbanwordofday - Food Whore

A person that will do anything for food.

Someone that is always around where food is.

You are such a food whore , you smelled food and you got her ASAP.


14/4/14 00:00 - urbanwordofday - Wantrepreneur

n: someone who thinks about being an entrepreneur or starting a business but never gets started.

Bill is such a Wantrepreneur. Always talking about starting a business, but never getting there.


13/4/14 00:00 - urbanwordofday - guy time

When men have quality time together, and do "guy" things. This is usually referred to when a guy wants to hang out with his friends. A man might tell his girl friend or significant other that he's about to or would like to participate in this.

"Hey babe, me and my friends are gonna have some guy time this week..."


12/4/14 00:00 - urbanwordofday - armpitties

When a girl is on her back naked and her titties fall to the side and reach her arm pits

I hooked up with girl last night she an an amazing ass but the worst set of armpitties.


11/4/14 00:00 - urbanwordofday - Saltdaddy

The complete opposite of a sugardaddy, one who tries, but is broke and fronting.

Man, I said I wanted a new comforter set from Macy's not the goodwill....he is such a saltdaddy!


10/4/14 00:00 - urbanwordofday - Can't even

Can't deal or can't handle it/you.

"I can't even right now."


9/4/14 00:00 - urbanwordofday - Fwerking

The act of fapping and twerking simutainiously. Some see as a dance move, others a sign of the devil.

"Dude check out this fwerking!


8/4/14 00:00 - urbanwordofday - frignorant

Use instead of the two words Fucking Ignorant. To describe an act, person, situation, etc... Anything that the user of the word finds objectionable, rude, offensive, lame or otherwise.

That was so frignorant!!!
You are so frignorant for doing that!!


7/4/14 00:00 - urbanwordofday - Roid rage

Wanting to throw your Android device at the wall because it has never performed the way your Apple or Windows device did.

Anne: Ugghhhhhh! My Samsung phone is frozen and won't let me text, AGAIN! I hate this thing. What a waste of money!

Jimmy: Anne, it sounds like you've got a bad case of roid rage. Maybe you should have gotten an iPhone.

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